Chittur is a town in Palakkad district of Kerala and it is situated 13 Km away from Palakkad towards the south-east, on the banks of Kannadipuzha, a major headstream of Bharathapuzha, the second longest river in Kerala. It was once part of the erstwhile Kingdom of Cochin. The Sokanashini river flows through Chittur, and it is on the banks of this river that Thunjathu Ramanujan Ezuthachan, the father of Malayalam language, spent his last days. His final resting place is famous for Vidyarambham celebrations, where young children are initiated into the world of words and knowledge.

Chittur-Thathamangalam Municipality, with population of about 32 thousand is Chittur sub district’s only municipality located in Chittur sub district of Palakkad district in the state Kerala in India. Total geographical area of Chittur-Thathamangalam municipality is 15 km2. The constituency consist of 8 other Gramapanchayaths such as Vadakarapathy, Eruthenpathy, Kozhinjampara, Nalleppully, Polpully, Perumatty, Pattenchery, Peruvemba. Paddy is the predominant crop in the area and the constituency consist of 15% of paddy cultivation with 18 % of paddy production in the state. Coconut is second major crop and the region contribute 40 % of toddy production in the state. Vadakarapathy, Eruthenpathy and Perumatty are the panchayaths where vegetable cultivation is also predominant.
The cow population and highest milk production is also in this constituency. Other Animal Husbandry activities such as poultry goat rearing etc are also predominant. The constituency have largest pond density and have approximate 1445 public and private ponds located in the constituency. Because of the same inland fisheries activities also predominant.

The kozhinjampara farka of the constituency is also known as rain shadow region, where lowest rainfall occurs in the state and highest density of bore wells. The major source of irrigation in the constituency are Chitturppuzha project , Meenkara Projects. Malampuzha irrigation project also contribute a very small extent.

It is a constituency which is sharing border with Tamilnadu and have five check posts such as Velanthavalam, Villunni, Naduppuny, Gopalapuram, Meenakshipuram check posts are located.

The Tamil speaking population is very high in the constituency and majority of the schools have Tamil also as a second language or medium of teaching.

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